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Letter from the KurmiMatrimony.org

15 new websites for 15 communities (Posted on 12th November 2014)

After success of www.baranwalmatrimony.org and getting valuable inputs, we have created new sites for 15 castes. We are also building one more site which will consolidate all other communities at one place. So basically we are covering all the communities in India.


The best part is, any person (18/21+ age) in India/abroad can take part in this community building exercise by simply registering himself (Either for marriage or as reseller) and Invite others.

If your community is not in the list, please provide your contact here or write us at contact@kalashmatrimony.org, so that we can add it.


Our mission and working model ? (Posted on 12th November 2014)

"Reach every section of the society using our coolest and simplest high end technologies."

"Too much complexities and cost on existing matrimony sites to find a suitable life partner", We want to break that mindset by reaching every section of the society irrespective whether they are rich, poor, technocrats, non-technocrats, village, town.

Our working model is  Register, Resell, Invite & Help. 


Our achievement and proof of concept ? (Posted on 12th November 2014)

We have proved that a top quality matrimony site can be run successfully without being too commercial. Just type "Baranwal Matrimony" in google and check our existing site for Baranwals. We are number one for Baranwal caste and we want to do the same for all communities.

We have built a site which is extremely simple to use, fast and secured.

7 months of free premium+ for initial few members (other than Baranwal)Select Your Cast & Register

In future, there is no enforcement for payment to get the Premium+ access. If you can't afford, just write to us and we will happily provide the Premium+ for you after discussing your financial situation.


 Why another site (Posted on 20th October 2014)

At present, most of the popular sites are very complex, difficult to use and very costly. Those sites has put the benefits to those people who are good in technology and can pay a big amount to get premium access.

We want to break that concept and want to give the control of life of common people into their own hand. To understand what we are saying, Please Register here and get 7 months of free premium+ membership.


Request to re-register who registered between 1st July to 10th July 2014 (Posted on 20th July 2014)

If you have registered at our website between 1st to 10th July 2014, we request to register again.


Website Down between 09th July to 13th July (Posted on 20th July 2014)

Due to some technical issue, our website was down for 4 days. This was due to Yahoo (Our Domain registrar) who were not able change the IP Address within the required time frame of 12 hours. Apology for the inconveniece to all the respected members. 

We have taken corrective action so that this kind of issue won't happen again.

Thanks for your support and co-operation.


Bug in the new release and other changes (Posted on 14th May 2014)

Many male users have reported that their profile is showing incorrectly for gender e.g. Male is showing as Female. This has been fixed now and their data has been updated. If you are still facing this, please use the link Report Issue to get your data fixed. In the link, change the subject and provide details of the issue.

We have received complains about limit of "Express Interest" which is supposed to be unlimited for premium+ members. Please note that we are setting this limit to 200 at the moment. On request, this limit can be increased to any value once you have reached the limit of 200.


New features launched (Posted on 15th February 2014)

As promised, we have launched the site with new amazing features. Please login and check the details below and provide us the feedback. 

 Please send your feedbacks using this link or at support@Kurmimatrimony.org.


Request to attach photograph and provide complete detail (Posted on 26th January 2014)

Change Photograph

Many people are not aware that posting your photograph along with other details increases the credibility of the profile. Though it's personal choice to add your photograph but please note that it's a big plus compared to other profiles which do not have photograph. Also a profile with complete details shows the seriousness and credibility of the candidate and naturally people are more attracted to these profiles. Please also note that if your contact number is incorrect, no one would be able to contact you and if your email is incorrect, you won't be able to receive any express interest email from other's.

I think it's worth to spare some time to write about you and your family for the most important decision of your life. Good Luck.

If you are unable to attach the photograph yourself, please send it to us at support@Kurmimatrimony.org and we will do it for you. I use the following open source tool to minimize the size of photograph, http://sourceforge.net/projects/greenshot/. Size of photograph reduces to 50kb using this tool. If you have windows 7 or 8 machine, you can also use the inbuilt Snipping Tool.


Amazing features coming soon (Posted on 26th January 2014)

Simplicity with Usability is very difficult. With the help of feedback from members of Kurmi Matrimony, we are incorporating some unique features to make this site even more simpler and helpful.

Hint: Maintain your favourite, Keep track of "Express Interest" requests, Ability to complain about incomplete profile (Report Issue) , Find your soulmate near your mohalla, manglik and looking for suitable profile and many more..

Stay tuned....


Updates on Delay in new profile activations (Posted on 26th January 2014)

We have almost covered most of the profile verifications and now only 25% are left to be verified which will be covered within a week. A big number of profile turn out to be duplicate or fake and that's the reason we take time to activate any profile. 


Delay in new profile activations (Posted on 09th January 2014)

Due to resource issues, we are lagging far beind schedule in activation process for newly registered profiles. We have got almost 120 profiles which are registered and waiting to be called for verification and activation. We really appreciate your patience and thanks for co-operations.


Clarification regarding applicable charges (Posted on 30th December 2013)

Please note that the only service available is Premium+ (express interest and unlimited contact numbers). Premium service(either express interest or unlimited contact numbers) has been removed.

The charges for Premium+ are as follows,

Rupees 1000/- for 3 Months of Unlimited Access. 

Rupees 1200/- for 6 Months of Unlimited Access.

Rupees 1500/- for 1 Year of Unlimited Access. 

We are in process to upgrade our website to reflect the correct info. Rates are subject to change any time.


An opportunity for you (Posted on 28th November 2013)

Have you got skills or business? If yes, you can use this plateform to advertise it. A simple example, Let's say you own a Business or you are Chartered Account or Technologist or Freelancer and you want to provide your services to other members, you can advertise yourself with us for free. It would be a win-win if buyers and sellers are within the same Kurmi community.

On the other hand, if you need any services e.g. Want to buy carpets, need Account or Admin staff, freelancers or programmers etc, you can post that requirement as well.

Please check this link http://www.Kurmimatrimony.org/jobs.php 


Issue This Week (19th to 21st November 2013)

Many of you, who tried to use our site between 19th to 21st November, might have got the message that "Site is down for maintenance."  The site was indeed down for 3 days and the culprit was our server's hard disk which crashed. It took longer than usual as we had to recover the data manually and rebuild the site. But we were able to retrieve 100% data from our harddisk. 

The intention to write this note is to make users aware that we are here to provide the best services during disaster like this and not to let anyone down who are using our services. Reliability and Security is our prime concern apart from Simplicity and Speed.

A note of caution to the users who tried to use the site for registration/updates etc during 19th to 21st November, please check for any issue and let us know at support@Kurmimatrimony.org. 


What is Next (January 2014)

.We are bringing "Advance Search" feature while keeping it extremely simple with minimalistic design so that any one can use it with ease. 

.A Unique Feature for Priority Profile and Groom/Bride of the day where users can choose the display dates as per their choice, on the spot.

.And few more fixes which we will update later.


What Has Changed (October 2013) 

.More than 5 times faster using high speed server upgrade.

.Total redesign of screens to make it extremely user friendly.

.User's Profile Id added for easy tracking. More features coming on this.

."Groom/Bride of the day" and "Priority Profile" features added.


Email Issue for Users

Gmail/Yahoo Users, If you are not receiving your emails from KurmiMatrimony.org (during Registration, Updates, Express Interest etc), Please check your "Spam" folder.

To fix this, Open email from KurmiMatrimony in Spam folder -> Click on the Button "Not Spam", at the top.


Please send your feedbacks to contact@Kurmimatrimony.org

Kurmi Matrimony Team


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Benefits for You:

  • 1 more month of Premium+ or 1 Week of Priority Profile at your chosen dates (Equivalent to 800 INR).
  • 20% of cash or cash equivalent for each invited paid member (e.g. max 500 INR for each invite).
  • All your Invites are recorded at My Invites. Here you will come to know when they register and you can send reminders also.

    Benefits for Invited Members:

  • 7 months of free Premium+ services for initial few members.
  • Simple and easy to use.
  • View unlimited phone numbers.
  • Unlimited Add members to Favourites List
  • Unlimited Send email via Express Interest
  • See who is interested in your profile and vice-versa and also mutual interests.
  • Add/Edit your own comments for Expressed Interest/Maintain your diary for each profile.
  • Add/Edit your own comments for Favourite members/Maintain your diary for each profile.

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